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Second Grade

Saint Michael School Second Grade: 

Grade Objectives: In second grade we follow the Common Core Standards, the Next Generation Science Standards, the Archdiocese of Seattle religion standards, and state standards. The objective for each subject is posted on the white board every day and we begin each lesson by talking about our goal for that activity. 


Homework Guidelines: Students receive a homework calendar each week with the homework schedule on one side and the spelling words on the other. The students have one math and one writing assignment each night that should take about 20 minutes to complete. The students also have a reading log where they record what they read for 15 minutes each week night. The student is expected to complete their homework each night and return it the next morning. If your child needs an extension please email me. 


Special Events: Students who are Catholic will receive the Sacrament of Reconciliation in the fall and First Communion in the spring. We usually go on two field trips during the school year that connect with a unit we are doing in class. The second graders participate in two programs that are put on by the music department in the winter and spring.


Mrs. Womac

Second Grade Teacher


Mrs. Broussard

Second Grade Instructional Aide

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