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Stewardship Programs

Parish Grant to the School
Because our Parish School is a highly valued ministry of St. Michael Parish, our school families are in the unique position of directing how much money the parish provides to the school in support of its work! The Parish Grant to the School is a unique and exciting way to model Stewardship as a Way of Life and to support those school families who are Partners in the Mission of St. Michael Parish. The Parish Grant to the School is funded directly out of our Sunday Offertory Envelope Giving!

Our Parish Grant to the School represents the largest income source to the school, by far — other than tuition. This grant helps keep tuition costs down for parents and helps the school as it strives for continued excellence in all its endeavors. The school parents continue to be completely in the driver’s seat in determining the amount of the annual parish grant to the school via the Matching Fund Formula.

Matching Formula: For every $1.00 given during the calendar year by a St. Michael Parish School family to the regular Sunday offertory collection at St. Michael Church (Sacrificial Giving), the parish will give the school $1.90. There is no limit to the amount of gifts the parish will match, and when the grant reaches a level of $302,860, all further donations will be matched at a lesser rate of 50%.

S.M.A.R.T. Auction 
(St. Michael: A Remarkable Tradition)
The St. Michael: A Remarkable Tradition (S.M.A.R.T.) Auctions are our annual fundraising events that occur in the fall and spring each year. Begun in 1989, the auction has grown substantially in community recognition and funding success. When you attend or donate to our auction, you are participating in a very meaningful way in the “remarkable tradition” that is St. Michael School.
During procurement windows each winter and spring, students/families are asked to seek donations from the community. Incentives are offered to students for participating.

S.M.A.R.T. Family Night is scheduled for October and is held in the school gym. This is a fun, community-building night of stewardship for all school families, parishioners, and guests. The S.M.A.R.T. Gala is scheduled for a Saturday evening in the spring and is an adults-only formal affair with a catered dinner.

The auctions are organized by school parents and headed by two sets of co-chairs. Various committee chairs with teams of parents assist in the year-long preparation for these events.

The net profits are divided equally between the St. Michael Parish School Endowment Fund, whose interest is used for tuition assistance, and the Capital Improvements Fund, which funds school deferred maintenance.

The SCRIP Program sells gift cards to fund the PTSA budget for school activities and events. SCRIP is the only major fundraising program that supports the PTSA budget. This program is conducted year-round, and all parents are encouraged to participate by purchasing gift cards.

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