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First Grade

Saint Michael School First Grade learns and grows: 


Students will understand what we believe as Catholics and how we live out those beliefs. Jesus is our role model. He told many stories to help us learn how to make our faith come alive. The students are actively involved in planning and participating in weekly prayer services and monthly masses.


Students will use and manipulate many types of tools to help them become strong, confident problem solvers. In first grade, the students will learn how to add and subtract numbers with an emphasis on the memorization of basic facts. They will acquire number concepts to 120 and learn how to tell time to the hour and half hour. The math curriculum also covers standard and metric measurement, identifying and counting money, collecting and graphing data and recognizing shapes.

Language Arts

The first grade language arts program at St. Michael School is based on the balanced literacy approach. The children are involved in activities that allow them to read, write, listen, and speak on a daily basis. We believe in a strong phonics and spelling program that enhances a solid sight vocabulary and decoding skills.


The science curriculum is based on units from Interactive Science from McGraw. Students explore the units such as Pebbles, Sand and Silt; New Plants; and Solids and Liquids. They will also investigate the moon and its phases.

Social Studies

In the first grade, students learn about themselves and explore their relationships within the social settings of family, friends, and their community. They will learn about some of our country's symbols. The students will learn to identify other countries around the world through the Passport Program. They will also study the customs, governments, and natural resources of one of the following countries: India or Australia.


Our specialist classes include P.E. three times a week and music twice a week. The students also visit the library once a week for story time and book checkout. First graders will visit the computer lab once a week to learn basic computer skills that will be applied to projects and tasks in the classroom.


Ms. Petruska

First Grade Teacher

Mrs. Schumacher

First Grade Instructional Aide

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