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Our full day program offers a balance of both the more “academic” side of Kindergarten and the traditional Kindergarten play activities can take place.  We strive to keep a balance between active and quiet activities, structured and unstructured.

Saint Michael School Kindergarten will…

  • Be a positive experience for each and every student

  • Help children practice positive interactions with their peers and adults

  • Revolve around language development through shared literacy experiences, songs, and poems

  • Allow opportunities for children to move about, select own activities, and solve real problems

  • Reflect the fact that the way kindergarteners learn differs from the more structured and formal instruction appropriate for older children

  • See the process of learning to read as directly related to each child’s maturity level, readiness, interests, and past experiences


St. Michael Kindergarten Highlights

  • Nativity Play

  • Kindergarten Garden

  • “Kelso’s Choices” problem solving curriculum

  • Muffins with Mom & Donuts with Dad

  • Mother’s Day Tea

  • Pumpkin Patch Field Trip, Zoo Field Trip, Olympia Junior Programs


Mrs. Mathews

Kindergarten Gold Teacher


Mrs. Yount

Kindergarten Green Teacher

Mrs. Brakebush

Kindergarten Instructional Aide

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