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Mission Statement

Saint Michael Parish School exists to provide a Catholic education committed to the mission of Saint Michael Parish, excellence in teaching and learning, and the continual spiritual, intellectual, physical, social, emotional, and aesthetic growth of all.

Our Philosophy

Saint Michael Parish School is a ministry of Saint Michael Parish. We strive to empower leaders who live the Gospel message, fulfill our mission, and:

  • Create a Catholic community of disciples who are committed to grow, worship, serve, give, connect, and share.

  • Provide excellence in a student-centered academic program that supports parents as primary educators and teachers as facilitators of learning.

3rd grade MMo.jpeg

Learning Expections

As life-long learners, Saint Michael Parish School students:

  • Meet or exceed grade level standards in all subjects

  • Participate in a rigorous curriculum that results in high achievement for all

  • Set goals that lead to growth in academics and discipleship

As disciples of Jesus Christ, Saint Michael Parish School students:

  • Grow in faith using the gifts of the Holy Spirit

  • Worship through regular celebration of the Sacraments and friendship with Jesus

  • Serve our community by developing and using their God-given talents.

  • Give generously from their hearts by participation in parish and community stewardship

  • Connect to each other as children of God and brothers and sisters of Jesus Christ

  • Share their faith and learning with the world

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