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Pre Kindergarten

In the St. Michael Pre K program your child will grow:


  • Explore faith-based learning following the liturgical calendar

  • Discover scripture through stories, songs, and activities

  • Engage in daily prayer 



  • Acquire pre-reading skills such as letter recognition and sound recognition

  • Identify numbers, shapes, and colors

  • Develop large motor skills

  • Build small motor skills such as writing and cutting



  • Participate in individual and group activities to enhance self-esteem

  • Develop listening skills and an ability to follow directions

  • Promote respect through kind interaction with other children


Other facets of the program include:

  • Welcome work: students have a craft or practice work at their desks to help them start their day

  • Circle time on the carpet with Morning Prayer

  • Learning centers: children rotate between group and individual work

  • Free-time to explore the resources within the classroom

  • Science/Social Studies/P.E./Music: these classes rotate depending on the day

  • Recess

  • Prayer, snack and Story Time

  • Full phonics program

  • Fun field trips

  • Memory-making traditions

  • Buddy program


Mrs. Jill McCauley

Pre K Teacher


Mrs. Pelton

Pre K Instructional Aide

Mrs. Jen McCauley

Pre K Instructional Aide


Ms. McHugh

Pre K Instructional Aide

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