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Middle School

Saint Michael School Middle Schoolers connect and share: 

Students experience the best of educational experiences: they participate in rigorous literature, vocabulary, grammar and writing lessons in English/Language Arts. They are able to work to the best of their abilities in Math allowing them extra support within and without the classroom - some students even take geometry at Pope John Paul II High School. Science lessons are correlated to the new Next Generation Science Standards, and History is based on Common Core inquiry and content for the Ancient World, Middle Ages, Washington State History, and U.S. History.  Religion classes aim for both spiritual and personal formation, and involve a rich curriculum that emphasizes Catholic Social Teaching and personal faith. Spanish is taught to middle school students, with an emphasis on students learning the foundational communication skills of speaking, listening, reading and writing.


A very special part of Middle School is being a part of one of the seven Saints Houses.  Houses are multi-grade and last the three years of middle school. Houses support the parish, the school, and most importantly the life of a student.  Students find that being part of a house means one is part of a larger faith family - which tends to blur the lines between sixth, seventh, and eighth graders. Middle School is a team working towards the same goals: inclusion, involvement, and independence based on being disciples of Jesus Christ.


Students in 6-8th grades have elective class options that include Language and Math Boosters, journalism, choir, band, musical theater, yearbook, life and organizational skills, and Brain Games.


Mr. Boyd

6th Grade Homeroon

Middle School Math


Mrs. Graver

8th Grade Homeroom

Middle School Science

Livings_Eun Ju.jpg

Ms. Livings

English Language Arts 


Mrs. Swenson

7th Grade Homeroom

Middle School History

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