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Tuition & Fees 

Payment Options:

  • Pay in full

  • Pay in two equal installments ($35 SchoolAdmin fee per family)

  • Pay in 11 equal installments  ($35 SchoolAdmin fee per family)

Partner in the Mission

Partners in the Mission families must:

  • Actively share in the sacramental and liturgical life of St. Michael Parish.

  • Participate in the parish’s sacrificial giving program by making an annual sacrificial giving commitment and contributing regularly to St. Michael Parish in a recognizable way by use of the Sunday envelopes.

  • File a Sacrificial Giving Pledge Card and fulfill an annual time and talent commitment that encompasses both school and church.

General & Class Fees

Registration Fee


Class Fee: PreK & Kindergarten


Athletic Fee (per sport): Grades 5-8


Band Fee: Grades 4-8


Camp Hamilton: Grade 6


Field Trips


Graduation: Grade 8


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